Personalize Child’s Belongings Easily using Name Tags & Labels From Easy2Name provides you with colorful attractive options in personalized labels and name tags for all your children’ belongings. This online label and tag store makes sure your child does not love or confuse his stuff among other people. provides you with options to personalize everything that belongs to your child or any other member of your family. These name tags and the labels have been created from carefully selected materials which will last longer.

Easy2Name Weekly Deal
Easy2Name Weekly Deal

Customization for the name tag or a label is possible. You can select a range of background colors, fonts, alphabet colors, cartoon characters, etc. Small labels do not have any possibility of adding characters but the larger ones have ample space to accommodate one and add an interesting feature to the name tag. Selecting type of tag will depend on object where you want to put it. Since there is a wide choice in materials used for making labels you will find you can use them on plastics, wood, fabric, polyurethane, rubber, etc. This is what makes this site so very useful.

Here are some types of labels made from different materials, you will get to select more appropriately once you get the information:

  1. Stick On Labels: These are ideal to be used on plastics and polyurethane. These stickers are microwave and dishwasher proof. So these will not damage or face even when they have been used regularly. Put a name on tiffin boxes and water bottles. Whats more, these are good to be put on walls, etc. You will find other interesting products like the date labels for food containers, allergy labels which will highlight the type of allergy your child has. There are very large ones good to be put on doors and walls. Find tiny slips to be put on pencils, sharpeners, pens, etc. These are quite economical when you buy in bulk.
  2. Iron-On Labels & Name Tag: Iron on the name tag or the label, this is may be the simplest way of personalizing an item. These are special woven on tags which have excellent glue at the back. When putting these tags on clothing, it should be pre-washed and not brand new. These name tags are washable, each time you iron washed clothes, this tag will stick even better. Iron on labels also have the facility of letter transfers, where you can put each alphabet separately. These letter transfers are available in many sizes, these are ideal for sports apparel and stretchable items like socks, etc.
  3. Sew On Name Tags: There are two varieties in sew on name tags, the ones where the name is printed on woven material and those where the name is woven into the material. The printed tags are a little cheaper than the woven ones, but when you question long life of an item, the best ones are the woven tags. You can put them on things that you are sure will last long. Sew it on any type of dress and it will last long. You can order special tapes, bright color tapes, these are available in long strips or as labels. You will find the options are endless.
  4. No Iron No Sew Easytags: These are one of the most hassle free and easy to put on instant tags that you will find anywhere. Easytags do not need you to sew or iron any label, instead all you need is use the applicator and tag your dresses with a button that has your name on it. These buttons are reusable when combined with new bags. Given the tiny size of these buttons the option is only for putting on the name. You can choose the color of the button.
  5. Starter Packs Help You Rid of Initial Confusion:
    Easy2name Starter Pack
    Easy2name Starter Pack Check Out Products

    If you are confused as to which type of labels and tags would be good for you, you should check out the starter packs. These are carefully selected packs that provide tags for one particular category of articles. There are different packs like the sticky, iron on, sew on, no iron no sew, etc. Basically, these packs are ideal for you to try things out before you put in full order of the product.

  6. Shoe Labels: Find the most interesting labels for children’ shoes. Check out left and right shoe labels, similar labels, match up labels, labels for shoe bags, boot bags, etc. These labels are created from durable material sturdy enough to take the movement of socks against the sticker. Yet if you want to protect if even more, you should try the transparent cover which will protect the sticker label for a long time. You can personalize each label according to the color of the footwear and even add a cartoon character to it.
  7. Bag Tags: Add a name to the luggage so that it does not get lost ever. You can personalize, add a design or match color with your luggage. You can add a special spark to your luggage and at the same time make it easier to identify and find. These tags are made from credit card like material, these are sturdy and can withstand wear and tear.
  8. Luggage Straps: Woven luggage straps are both sturdy and will hold your luggage properly. Personalize with a color of each of your bags, add your name so that you do not lose your bag. These are ideal for air travel or any other public transport mode.
  9. Wrist Bands: Make friends happy by giving them a personalized band, you can also keep your child safe in a crowd, while travelling or visiting a foreign country by adding a wrist band. These are tear proof and easy to wear. There are also allergy bands, you can add pretty designs different for girls and boys.
  10. Dog Leash, collars, dog coats, etc: No more do you need to wonder which dog tag will keep your dog comfortable. Select the woven bands which are soft as well as fit in perfectly. There are different types of locks that will keep the straps and dogs safe. has something for every child and at times adult. You can put these products to practical everyday use by adding labels, tags, name tags, straps and bands.