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Handmade Silver & Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry

At nothing can be less quirky and yet less stylish. This jewelry website works quite hard to give a statement that jewelry and the beauty associated with it is a perception of the wearer, not everything symmetrical is beautiful and not everything whimsical is worthless. This website has dedicated itself to bring to you the largest array of semi-precious stones in their varied forms. This website combines several or single stones with silver as the metal. Silver too has been used as vintage, polished or gold plated. This is done so that you get just the perfect jewelry for your requirement.

Wonderful and awe-inspiring designs is the mojo of this website. Without shying away from the imperfections of the semi-precious stones, silver here is beautifully used to enhance the beauty of jewelry. Find large sized gemstone pendants, over the top necklaces or simply indulge in bracelets which promise to look fabulous on your hand. Pendants, necklaces use stones in several different varieties of agate, citrine, peridot, amber, etc. Range of semi-precious gemstones at this website is quite surprising. At Silver Rush Style, you will never find a catalog that does not contain the piece displayed each and every of the item is created and then photographed, so you get exactly what you see on the website. Due to their unique nature these handmade jewelry pieces have quite a fan following. At the site you will never have to wonder about the size, carat and the color specification of jewelry you are buying. A detailed chart is always provided to ensure that the customer is well acquainted with his purchase. is a lovely site for those looking for making a jewelry statement rather than buying common run of the mill jewelry.


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Silver Gemstone Earrings

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Silver Gemstone Bracelet

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