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Harman Kardon Superb Sound Speaker Systems For Best Entertainment Experience

Sound is one of the most enthralling pleasure of nature. However, sound becomes intensely pleasureable if it becomes wonderfully composed music. To listen to best quality music and amazing renditions. It is important that you have high quality speakers. Those cannot be the ones mass produced, rather an honest and long term study, research and development of sount emitting equipment will provide you with the best quality sound. At HarmanKardon.com, this is precisely what is brought to you. A variety of hugely successful speakers of different types that are superb in quality.

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Speakers and Soundbars

  • Omni Bar Plus
  • This one comes with a wireless bar speakers and subwoofer with a home theatre system. With a very easy set up using a single HDMI connection. You can use it as an accessory with your TV that gives a rich sound. Amongst the multiple ways to use it you can combine to your music system, download app and stream from your media device or even use serices like the chromecast and spotify. If you have more Harman Kardon speakers you can connect these to each other and enjoy fabulous music. You can also use Bluetooth to connect to this speaker.
  • 13 Channel Soundbar Enchant 1300: With Multibean surround sound technology, feel and hear the best of sound from music, TV or movies in your room or around the house. Connectivity is easily done through Bluetooth, HDMI, WIFI AMC or automatic multibeam calibration which calibrates sound output according to the room design and layout. 4K HDMI input and & HDMI (ABD output). Use your TV remote to control the soundbean, use it as central entertainment hub.
  • Sabre SB 35: If you want the richest sound with an exceptional quality with ability to connect to independant channels, 1.75 drivers and 1 inch tweeters , you will find it in this speakers . It comes with subwoofers for deeper profound rich bass sound, which will further enrich results. It has 100 watts output, it is wireless and subwoofer. Aluminum soundbar which can pair with your slim TV for best and maximal sound usage join for virtual sound or wave sound for richest output with 5.1 levels of sound processing.

Audio Systems

  • Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2: With an ultra slim design this speaker provides you with perfect portability. You can take it anywhere you want, safely without having to compromise on its safety since there is a carrying pouch included with this one. Wireless bluetooth streaming connects smoothly with your device. The ability to charge speedily ensures you are not without your music or ability to confesrence. The Esquire Mini 2 has a built in dual microphone conferencing system with noise cancellation technology. The super thin speaker drivers and well tuned acoustics ensure that you have the best high fidelity sound wherever you go. You also have a choice in colors to select any that suits you.
  • SOHO Wireless: These bluetooth enabled headphones are designed to remove every type of discomfort you experience in others. These have not been created with the sole aim of working as a headphone speakers. These happen to be much more than those. A smooth touch controls that help you browse playlist and control volume, these happen to have a fully customizable adjustmen function to fit you perfectly on your head. These amazing headphones are great to look, will help you select your playlists easily. These have been provided with a classy pouch to help you store these safely. The speakers have 30 mm drivers and a high performance transducers to give you the high quality bass response. You have been provided with a charging cable and 1.2 meter bypass cable. So enjoy high quality personal enterainment sound you love.

Home Theatres

  • The HKTS 16 - Home Theater Speaker System, with satellite bases wall mounting components and hardware, you will find cables, brackets, etc. included in the box. This gives you the required flexibility for installing the speaker system any whihch way you want. This home theatre system included 5 two way satellite with all tehnical aspects tuned together to work together and produce a rich encomassing sound, the specifications include 3 rich mortgage drivers, 1/2 inch tweeters in high frequency, the speakerss are sheilded so as not to cause any magnetic interference. There is also a sub-woofer included with the system to provide with fabulous experience in sound and enhance the smallest moise to give you a fuller sound and entertainment experience. For richest sound you are provided with the faciity to find tube all speakers and the sub woofer to ensure crystal clear sound when each speaker is placed properly. Get more details by visiting the above link.
  • Refurbished items: You can experience the same beautiful sound Harman Kardon is famous for by selecting certain items that are less expensive because those have been given a finer look through for some insignificant damage. These refurbished items are both good quality and affordable. You will find more information when you visit the site.
  • Sale: Also find sale at Harmon Kardon on some coolest items with coolest discounts and provide you with gadgets with amazing sound quality.

Find your favorite speakers and other sound systems for your home and office or even your vehicle. These aesthetically beautiful sound systems will ensure you have the best sound and best looking gadget from Harman Kardon.