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Triwa Watches

Triwa Chic and Handsome Scandanavian Theme Watches For Modern People

Watches are a style icon and not a might to show off your monetary might. A watch is an useful accessory for the young and the old. Triwa has thought just that. Instead of making watches that the watch industry prides in, this company prides itself in finding inspiration in things around them. Therefore, most of their watches look simplistic yet have a majestic and grand look and feel around them. Triwa has made their men' and women' watch collection unique and incomparable. Leather straps are created from carefully organically tanned leather minus any harmful chemicals. The look is bold yet delicate and looks absolutely classy on the wrist. These watches have lovely hues of variety of colors but none of these appear dull or boring.

There are numerous products created and marketed by handful of creative people on this website. You will love the refreshing chicness and spunk of unusual but simplistic designs on this website

Watches for Men & Women

triwal men' watchTriwa women' watch

Above are the only two designs in watches, but find many more themes and colors along with the watches have been created. There is unique representation of landscapes and skylines of many European places in these watches. This is done through selecting stunning colors that are not very common in the market.

Sophisticated and chic leather works ensure that the watch gets equally stunning looking belt as an accessory. There are also metallic belts if you like them. The leather is organically processed. The Stockholm Creative Studio has more than 30 designers and some of them are dedicated to watches only. Triwa which means Transforming Industry of Watches.

Numerous themes bring out the best type of watches, these themes are based on color, inspiration, design and features. The watches in themselves have clean and stylish look. These are an ideal accessory for and exude and very subtle feeling of power. These are ideal for professionals and casual wear. However, once you have seen the design you will rarely resist yourself from wearing a Triwa watch.

Latest themes are always displayed earliest. Other chic and very stunning themes are Nicki, a collection of find and stunning everyday wear watches which will never go out of style. The Svalan range for men is easier and more simple yet the colors are unmatched and made an ideal daily wear. Neville theme is beautiful, this range of watches is amazingly color co-ordinated and masculine without being vulgar about it. The watches have two dials, crisp clear interiors that will make you want it instantly. Many such themes make you want Triwa watches instantly.

Sunglasses At Triwa

triwal men' sunglassesTriwa Women' Sunglasses

There are several themes in sunglasses too. The men' and women' designs are subtly different yet match the Triwa sensibilities in the making. Designs of these sunglasses are often matching to the watches, especially the colors. These makers are as modern and conscious about their surroundings as anyone else. Therefore, often the material used for sunglasses and watches is the same to avoid any kind of wastage and excess that may cause in excessive mining or plastic pollution.

Triwa sunglasses are absolutely fashionable with unique frames and glass designs. Made from different colors in acetate frames, with amazing finish these sunglasses will catch anyone's fancy. All sunglasses use Carl Zeiss optics it is known for its crystal clear optics along with superb colors and patterns and hues. These sunglasses too are available in different themes, some with unique animal patterns, whereas there are themes which depict your fun and naughty side. Some of the themes for men like Clyde, Sean, Alex, etc. are designs to fit your face to make you look instantly attractive.

Triwa themes in sunglasses for women are both classy and chic. Check out Olivia, the eternal diva or Thelma for the stylish who like their privacy. There is also Nicki and Clara which are unique and provide you with all the style you need.

Amazing sunglasses are absolutely beautiful and an attractive and worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Bracelets and Straps

brass braceletSteel Mesh Bracelet

Like the other products at Triwa you will like the bracelet and watch strap section too. Finely crafted and smooth bracelets are above par, there are different types of materials and metals being used to make these bracelets. The bracelets range from brass to copper and stainless steel. There is the wire mesh stainless steel bracelet which will add style to your persona whether at office or at the club. These bracelets are not overtly dressy. The minimalist design allows you to wear them anywhere you want. Different metals exude different looks, that is why metallic bracelets are so chic. Smooth finish also has a Triwa logo on the side, making it very attractive. Other than the metallic ones, there are acetate ones too, which are similar to your sunglass frames. These designs are amazing and make a great accessory, especially when the occasion requires you to look a little more chic than normal.

Watch straps are another good addition to the merchandise. This allows you to select and use your preferred color. Genuine leather straps will hardly damage, but just in case you will find an easy replacement here. For those who are fond of thinner straps and would like to change the original one, there is ample choice in selecting straps that you will like. Leather and workmanship remains the same, leather too is the high quality one you will like. Enjoy watches, sunglasses, bracelets and straps at this amazing website Triwa.