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Sephra Brings To You Best Commercial & Domestic Chocolate Fountains

If you know a whole lot of people who love chocolate and would be interested in a spending an evening indulging in the rich, creamy and superbly delicious taste of chocolate on everything they have on plate, you should try out chocolate fountains by Sephra. With many patents to its credit, Sephra does not provide you chocolate fountains that should last a few years only to be discarded later. There are many testimonies to the fact that these fountains are easy to clean and maintain, therefore, usable for years to come. Difference between a normal fountain starts from the melting of the chocolate to how the motor runs and how it is cooled. Sephra has two classifications in its fountains. One for domestic use and the other for commerical use, that caterers would prefer to purchase. At the same time, this company also brings to you all that you need to make these easy to install and use. Good customer service and feedback is what makes this company a winner. This innovative company also showcases conventional fountains and some chic new designs alongside these.

Know a little more about Sephra:

Commercial Chocolate Fountains

Here are a few commercial chocolate fountains from Sephra which surpass in quality and are designed to work without a hitch.

  • Sephra 44" Convertible Fountain: This brushed steel fountain ans a huge one, you can cater to nothing less than 150 guests at a time with this one. However, when you buy this one, you automatically end up giving yourself a gift of a convertible one. This fountain can be converted into a smaller 34" fountain within no time. So even if you are told it would a small party which becomes a larger event or a larger one where the size of guests has reduced you will be ready for both possibilities.
  • The Cascade 44" Fountain: Smooth warm aromatic chocolate falling over multi-tiered tipped cups in a steady flow will tempt and add some amazement to your chocolate fountain. You will find the Cascade tiers are also sold separately so you can interchange with your removable bowl 44" model. So add one more chic one to your arsenal.
  • Montezuma 34" R4: A simper version but not the least when it comes to functionality. This fountain is designed for melting and serving 20 lbs. of chocolate fondue. The Montezuma is a dependable machine for 150 guests. You will never find anything better than this.
  • Aztec 24": Aztec is and ideal chocolate fountain for those who have catering business. This fountain can be used for smaller catering event or alongside larger one for serving different variety of chocolate. Use this one only for serving a single chocolate fondue or add another flavour you want add to really rich collection of chocolates. Made from brushed steel this chocolate fountain is very pretty to look at and add charm to your table.
  • The Cortez 23": This one is one of the smallest commercial chocolate fountains available this caters for 15 to 75 guests one of the smartest one too. Please can service about 7lbs of chocolate. Use this one as an accent to the larger one, if you do you want to serve something different than the conventional normal chocolate, you can also use this to give a variety in chocolate in Sephra collection.. If the party is small you can always use this chocolate fountain singly.
  • The Legend 19": this 19 inch chocolate fountain is ideal for small commercial events which has about 40 guests. Capacity of this fountain is 6 pounds but it will run on 4 pounds to giving you an opportunity to save some chocolate with the number of guests is lesser than you expected. However there is a necessity to change the seal and bearings after using it for 500 hours. It is currently available on discount.

Domestic Chocolate Fountains

Here are some of the domestic chocolate fountains that could make your regular parties into more fun and delicious stuff.

  • The Select 16" Chocolate Combo Fountain Kit: are unique chocolate fountain which will serve you not just chocolate fondue but also cheese fondue, caramel fondue, barbecue sauce and ranch dressing. This is a powerful chocolate fountain made for home purposes the competition given by the company gives you up to 400 skewers, up to 4 pounds of milk chocolate melts, this fountain can run on 3 pounds too. This one is pretty chocolate fountain because of the brushed steel look and sturdy no compromise built. It is currently available at $99 approximately. Another variety in this chocolate fountain is available for $79 only without the combo. If you already have required paraphernalia for runnng the fountain separately you wil dind this to be a very attractive price.
  • The Classic 18" Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain: this classic 18 inch home chocolate fondue fountain needs 4 pounds of chocolate to run however its maximum capacity is 6 pounds ideal for 40 to 50 guests. The fountain has six colour coded squares to ensure that you know exactly what piece of food to pick up to be coated with chocolate. Base of this fountain is stainless steel it is easy to clean and maintain. You can serve not only chocolate what also varieties of food like Maple sera up barbecue sauce and ranch dressing from this fountain. There are two more options available with the same chocolate fountain. For a few dollars more you can select package that provides you with dark chocolate fondue with milk chocolate melts. Quantity of both the chocolate is about 8 pounds so that you can provide for at least two parties with this option. 6 colour coded skewers are also included with the package.
  • The Elite 19" Chocolate Fountain: The Elite is yet another attractive and innovative chocolate fountain from Sephra. It comes with a digital control panel so you can control the temperature of the chocolate. This is crucial in places where termperatures are low or high according to the climate. It cs with WhisperQuiet motor which works efficiently and emits less noise. You also have a funnel for testing of fondue. You can use this one for several different foods like the caramel fondue, barbecue sauces, ranch dresssing, etc. This one is easy to clean and easier to maintain. There are four temperature controls in all.

Chocolates and accessories at Sephra

  • Belgian chocolates: Pure Belgian chocolates are known for their taste and aroma. These chocolates are made ready to use, you will not need to add anything to the chocolate. You can melt the chocolate inside the packet using a microwave. The BPA free bags ensure a healthy chocolate. Belgian chocolate comes in three different varieities and different capscities. There is the rich and tempting Belgian dar semi sweet chocolate, Belgianmilk chocolates and Belgian white chocolate. All these chocolates are ready to use for fondue but you can also use them for your baking requirements.
  • Sephra Premium Choclate: This is another delicious offering for its fondue fountains from Sephra. Check out 3 different varieties the Premium dark semi sweet chocolate, ideal for parties where peopl would rekish the less weet taste. For those who like completely bitter chocolate there is the Tara chocolate you can select. Or participate children are the stars you will find milk chocolate as an ideal accessory to end up being a fondue milk chocolate sauce sweet and very much liked by young children. These are available in different quantities so as to help you with fondue or chocolate fountain.
  • Sephra chocolate melts: this is fantastic chocolate which can be used for cakes candies as well as for the chocolate fountain. This is designed to melt and harden be fast so you will mostly find the chocolate hardening the moment it leaves the fountain. It is a fun way to involve your child to make delicious chocolate-based recipes use coverings for cookies or try out many more different ideas that would use this melts quite easily. Mostly this chocolate does not reach the crunchy height however it does give the crispiness to the food make sure you use the right variety of chocolate for the right food items. There are the caramel melts and dipping milk chocolate melts with dark chocolate melts etc., to choose from. White chocolate melts are absolutely alluring and very tasty when used. You can mix the different melts in your candy to make something delicious that plays with your tastebuds.

You will find differen edible for decorations oil cakes cookies as well as the font you. You will also find certain accessories like skewers, there are different varieties of crepes is to enjoy from this website. You will also find dark chocolate dispenser and milk chocolate dispenser that makes it easy for you to remove chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

Enjoy making your catering business a grand success with these chocolate fountains. Also make your food delicious with different varieities of fondues and other desserts. Vist Sephra for more information.