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Vahdam Teas For Those Who Love The Tea In Different Aromas and Tastes

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A visit to this website tells you that you have arrived at a tea superstore. You are then taken on a beautiful hillside ride with different teas, the brew and the colors that are not just appetizing, you will feel like you can almost smell them. The website claims to provide you with the tea directly from the gardens and not through the middlemen. There are atleast 50 odd and more varieties of teas available on the website. Tea lovers are well conversed with the vareities of teas that are available for consumption, some are stronger whereas others are light, aromas differ too. Different geographical locations across the globe are known for their teas, however there is no comparison with the teas that grow in beautiful hills of India. Check out some of the varieties in teas here.

Black Teas

For lovers of black tea, this website has to offer many black teas which could range from simple straight forward brew of the first of second flush. There are some others which are richer in color, aroma and taste. If you love different combinations, you will find rose flavored black tea that is made to tingle your senses. Other black teas are English, Maharaja, Premium, Exotic, etc. These are superb in color. The dark or light color of the brew will tell you whether or not it is strong. The citrussy is especially for those who want to lighten up and add a bit of tang to the black tea.

Tisane/Herbal Tea

Herbs happen to be gift of nature, packed with beneficial anti-oxidants, these cannot be consumed directly. However, a brew of some fantastic spices and herbs will do wonders for your body. At Vahdam, you will find a terrific, the citrus ginger tea to spike your senses, turmeric can give you a soft comfortable feeling, hibiscus for the refreshed feeling can all make a difference to your moods. A generous range of tea will keep you happy, the herbal tea is a soft healthy tonic for anymore without too much caffeine.

Green Teas

Green tea section has some lovely combinations of spices, herbs, nuts, etc. There is the mint and citrus, the ginger mint, Nilgiri green tea, Earl Grey citrus, plain green tea or the Japanese Match green tea. With innumerable variations with natural herbs that provide you a lot of health benefits, these combinations are quite irresistible. There are more than 10 to choose from. Green tea is not limited from a single geographical area, rather these are from different locations with wide distance between each other like the Himalayas and the Nilgiris.

Iced Tea

A hot day and nothing like to pep you up like a glass of iced tea. Drink is cold with different flavors to go with it. Enjoy different flavors of ice tea like the tamarind, mango, green apple and mixed passion fruit. This lovely iced tea packets are exotic in taste, tamarind has an earthy smell that will ensure each glass will be a treat. Mango has a piqued freshness that most people love, apple and passion fruit combination always ensures that the fruity fragrance combined with the tea taste is absolutely irresistible.

Oolong Teas

For those who know what the Oolong tea is, you will know the best brew and taste you want. However, oolong tea is not as light as the green tea neither is it as strong as the black one. Instead this one tastes in between the two making it very interesting to consume. Though it goes through an oxidation process, this tea is not allowed to turn black. There are not many varieties of Oolong tea also known as the Chinese tea. Instead this is oxidized more than the green tea and less than the black tea. Making it just strong enough but not too much like some people would prefer it. Oolong gives a warm reddish color and even more nicer with milk.

Masala Chai

Visit India and you will know most people start morning with a hot cup of chai, in most cases a local tea shop will provide you will masala chai. Masala means spices, a blend where every spice is inculcated in the drink to make it sweet, fresh, hot and a treat to senses. Every chai at Vahdam has special blends that range from Kahwa, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla with spices and double the spices for those who like it stronger. The chai tradition is quite old, therefore, the range of tasty chai is wide. Fresh chai packet can give you freshness entire morning.

There cannot be any greater gift for festive season for a tea lover. Find wide range of teas that you can find in beautiful packages at this website. Send in a couple or an entire collection. The choice is up to you. For those already in love with tea and want an exotic taste, check out this website. You will find high caffeine, low caffeine and medium ones properly segregated to ensure that you know your intake of this booster. Those who are not interested in packets can try out the loose tea which are larger and you can add more quantity if you want to brew more than a single cup.