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Chocolate has always been a pleasurable thing to eat. If you are a chocolate lover and would like to enjoy a variety of chocolate recipes created with different types of chocolates and other premium ingredients, visit to the international chocolate website is a must. There are several different collections and gifts to select from. Premium chocolate recipes create an ideal gateway to tell someone of your love and affection you have for them. Let us first know the varieties of chocolates at Zchocolat

Variety of chocolates at Z

  • Dark Z Chocolate: A mixture of some superb slow roasted hazelnuts, with praline, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and Venezualan Dark Chocolate. A rich and wonderful chocolate which is sweet, bitter and salty.
  • White Z chocolate: Most internal ingredients match the dark chocolate above but when it comes to exterious, you will enjoy the soft melting white chocolate made from premium cocoa that is absolutely sumptuous and a delightful way to enjoy the regular chocolate.
  • Milk Z Chocolate: The encasing consists of West Africa milk which is 40%, making it quite milky. The inside is sweet and salty praline with roasted hazelnuts and bourbon vanilla. A lovely milky treat.
  • Z No.0 : Wonderful milk chocolate combined with almonds, its almost like the milk chocolate above however, California almonds give it more crunch and taste.Combines roasted hazelnuts and rich praline on the inside.
  • Z No.1: The chocolaty chocolate one combines lavender with Venezuelan dark chocolate, it also combines Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla ganache with Provencal Lavender. The upper crust is more rich with 70% Venezuelan Dark chocolate. A hearty dark chocolate bonanza.
  • Z No. 2: Mixture of Chocolate and Milk, this one has inner filling is 70% dark chocolate with Italian praline and hazelnuts. This chocolate is however surrounded with 40% West Africa Milk chocolate.
  • Z. No3: a sweet, tangy, coconutty and colorful combination covered with 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. The combination of the filling is a mouthwatering passion fruit, mango puree and coconut, reminding anyone of the tropics?
  • Z No. 4: A milk chocolate, handmade praline and Spanish almonds with crunchy groundnuts make this very beautiful aromatic chocolate.

More Varieties

  • Z no. 5: A loverly smooth 62% dark chocolate is covered with even darker Venezuelan 70% dark chocolate made from superior caracas beans making it absolute must for dark chocolate lovers.
  • Z No. 6: Praline is the hero which combines the Valencia almonds and West Africa 40% milk giving it a rich nutty taste, but it would be incomplete without the 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate covers the superb praline giving it most relishable taste.
  • Z No. 7: A pistachio rich interior, it forms the salty as well as the creamy paste, and is covered with West Africa milk chocolate to add to richness.
  • Z no. 8: Rich coffee beans combine with caramalized hazelnuts and phyllo dough to give the best coffee ganache, it is covered by 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Z No. 9: Slow roasted Valencia almonds made into fine powder is combined with cocoa butter, milk chocolate to be covered with West Africa milk chocolate is nutty and exotic.
  • Z no. 10: Dark rich 70% dark Venezuelan chocolate has the filling of ganache and roasted Valencia almonds. A rich generous chocolate to combine with red wines.
  • Z No. 11: Fruity seedless raspberry puree is combined with Venezuelan dark chocolate, cocoa butter to form ganache later covered with West African milk chocolate.
  • Z no.12: Sesame and Valencia almonds come together to form praline which is covered in West Africa milk chocolate coverture.
  • Z No. 13: Cinnamon gives loads of flavor to the ganache, this rich creamy ganache is covered with 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Z No. 14: Piedmond hazelnuts, pure cocoa butter, milk chocolate is coated with 40% West Africa milk chocolate.
  • z No. 15: Tangy lemony almond paste with lemons and almonds are covered with rich 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.

Even More chocolates:

  • Z No. 16: Beautiful smooth West Africa milk chocolate is enriched with crushed Valencia almonds to give a nutty flavor.
  • Z no 17: Grated coconut,West AFrica milk chocolate and piedmont hazelnuts intense Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Z no. 18: Sweet and spicy espelette pepper ganache exudes an amazing exotic taste when combined with exterior of Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Z No. 19: Baklava reimagined as a flavor when combined with almonds, walnuts and phyllo dough praline with the exterior cover of 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Z No. 20: A pretty dual colored chocolate with 40% milk chocolate from West Africa and praline made from hazelnuts, vanilla ganace and white chocolate all blended into one giving it creamy look.
  • Z. No. 21: A beautifully smooth Tonka bean ganache, with a cover of 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. A superbly attractive color combination.
  • Z. No. 22: An unsual blend of citrus, coriander seeds and hazelnut praline, a beautiful coating of West Africa white chocolate.
  • Z. No. 23: 62% Venezuelan Dark chocolate and vanilla essense combined to make ganache that is covered with dark 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.
  • Z. No. 24: Pastries and honey flavors are combined in this Ivory Coast bean, its covered by 40% West African Milk Chocolate.
Each of these chocolates are included in the chocolate boxes which can be gifts or something you want to buy for yourself. You can select an assortment of chocolates that contain specific ingredients or a variety across the collection. However, if you are aware of the preference, you can definitely go in for the choiciest ones.

For romantics the zChocolat caters to several different varieties in heart shaped chocolate, enjoy and feast your eyes on the golden heart with literally 24 carat gold film coated chocolate that could end up being exorbitantly expensive with fleur de sel caramel with bourbon vanilla, this one also has a 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate exterior under the gold that costs nothing less than a $108.

There are more assortments of chocolates other than the Zchocolat specialties like the truffles, chocomandine, orangette, heart shaped chocolates, like Mystique, Amore, Supreme, Toquade, My Heart, etc. There is also the collection of large chocolates for those who regularly consume chocolate. There is also trio in varieties, the crunchy Noisenettes, Pepites, etc. There are also specialties like Pates De Fruits, Calissons De Aix, Nougats, etc. Enjoy gourmet chocolate chef Pascal Cafette's chocolate creations.