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Handcrafted Handpainted Mexican Ceramic Pitcher With Flower Motif

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This is a truly pretty pitcher handcrafted and handmade straight from Mexico. This pitcher boasts of a beautiful symmetric design and floral motif prominently. Ivory or white background gives the pitcher a clean look. The design and motifs have several shades of blue. Rim and the top of the handle are black/blue border giving the shape more definition. The pitcher provides you with much convenience. Now you will not need to wash it with you hands, you can put it in the dishwasher and get it cleaned. That makes it easier to use it for milk or orange juice in the morning. The blue motif design is not too intricate, however, the creativity will impress you. If your family enjoys soups or any such savory items, this pitcher is known to be microwave friendly too. Shape of this pitcher is not exactly bulbous, rather it is a softer round and does not take too much of space on the shelf. It does cost a little higher than the normal ones because, it is imported from artisans from Mexico. At the same time, it is also hand made and painted which gives it certain uniqueness. Motif design spans entire body without crowding it. The art work is Mexican and belongs to the culture and heritage, it will bring to your home a little bit of the Mexican feel. You can find the pitcher here... Ceramic pitcher, 'Village Flower' (Mexico)