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Recycle Glass Blown Brown Swirls On White Glass Pitcher

White Glass Brown Swirl Design Pitcher

A beautiful design is created when two different designs are combined together. This pitcher sports an impressive design with the white background which represents the canvas for brown swirls to appear randomly when it is being treated. This pitcher is not machine made rather, it is created by patiently blowing it while it is just a molten glass. After the white body forms, the creator again goes through a more interesting but tricky process to add the swirls. It is add mystery and beauty to your dining table. Glass will definitely hold warm and cold without adding toxicity. Since it is blown and made there are very little chances that you will find too many of the same design. Unique swirl design adds glamor and mystery to cleanliness of the glass. Overall this one seems to be a good item to collect to entertain guests and add sparkle to your table. Take a look at the pitcher here...