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Artistic Design Celadon Pitcher

Celadon Round Pitcher

If you would love to have a pitcher on your table that exudes certain amount of artistic taste, the celadon cermic pitcher will definitely catch your attention. The pitcher is shaped like a tropical flower bud. It is round at the bottom with a very beautiful shaped spout at the top. This pitcher has been given equally beautiful handle which is easier to hold and pour. This pitcher contains a floral design inlay, which has multiple flowers. The design of this one match the shape and keep up the similar theme. You can use this one for juice, water, milk, etc. There are quite a few options for usage. Blue color is all about coolness. Match it with a similar kitchen theme, this pitcher can last long with proper care. It has very less machine made charm. Rather it has the beauty of being unique and handmade. Check out the pitcher here.