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Bright and Colorful Handmade Ceramic Pitcher With Grapes Design

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Colors of orange and red combine with the fresh citrussy grapes om design to give you a very happy looking pitcher that will bring a lot of spark even on a dull wintry day to your dining table. This pitcher is ceramic with a rope design handle with wider scope to hold it safely. The pitcher has dual color which makes it compatible with almost every type of bright set. If you own a plainer but china with bright design will do too for this one. Most people love the energetic look of the jug. It can easily hold water or any other beverage for four people making it compatible for a family. The grapes are dark red in color, however, the design and colors may vary slightly with each order, since these are uniquely made. Grapes look gorgeous since they span every body side of the pitcher. To compliment the grapes you also have the coolness of green leaves on the side of the grapes making it look even more attractive. Spout has an elegant almost royal crockery like shape, which is wider. It makes it easier to fill and even more easy to pour. The spout shape will make pouring easier and most probably without splashing. Get this fabulous pitcher here...