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Turquoise & White Pitcher With Spout For Tea Coffee

turquoise white pitcher, turquoise white tea pitcher, turquoise white coffee pitcher

A pretty pitcher or a tea pot with a spout. When you pour something warm in it, you will find it similar even after some time has passed. It has a typical Asian design, with the white background. The design is in turquoise color, the design is quaint and attractive. It will add color and make your kitchen look very pretty. This teapot is ideal to be put to used when you have guests over. Use it for the first tea/coffee in the morning, it will definitely put you in good mood for the day. This pitcher has a lovely shape like that of a jar rather than a pot. With a flat bottom, it will rarely fall or tilt. The turquoise color is neither loud nor dull. It is just right to pep the mood of the room.

The spout is wide enough for a nice pour. Also the handle allows you a nice hold, without being cumbersome to hold the hot liquid. This pitcher/teapot is convenient.