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Discovering and Decoding Your DNA Will Help You Maintain Better Health & Fitness

Orig3n DNA Tests - Decode Your DNA to Unlock the Path to Better Health.
Everyone is aware of the fact that no people are the same. It is during creation that you tend to combine two different DNA strands and make them one through the process of selection and become one whole unique human. However, even though the DNA stands inside of you are unique, there remains little doubt that you have inherited your parent's physical and psychological attributes. Health and your journey to fitness depend greatly on these features. 

Decoding your DNA will simply help you know what kind of lifestyle and fitness regimen suit you. It will also help you determine the diet type that suits you. You must have been witness to many examples around you where a particular diet suited one person but did not show any effect on another. This is because the genetic composition of that person was not receptive of that diet change. 

Getting a DNA decoding and analysis will help those who want to take control of their health and fitness. In short, those who want to get fitter or attempt a fitness regimen to build a body. Decoding you DNA will help you sketch your path towards better health and fitness. At Orig3n you can carry out this analysis. 

Here are some aspects of fitness you will be analyzed for:
1. Post exercise cellular repair, exercise recovery time, workout recovery time.
2. Your metabolism aspects like age related metabolism, sugar sensitivity, feeling full, monosaturared fat,fat processing ability.
3. Your muscle strength vis-à-vis your muscle mass and lean body mass.
4. Joints with regards to tendons, cartilage and ligaments. This test is to determine flexibility and joint workout response.
5. Your nutritional requirements, your ability of processing vitamins and how it deals with saturated and mono-saturated fats. Your sensitivity to alcohol, your appetite and craving for sweet foods, etc.
6. Your super-power, as in what type of work and intelligence quotient that would make you shine in a particular field. 
7. Beauty tests that determine aging, skin health and response to various factors that affect it. Hair, eyes, eye color etc. 

Orig3n can help you chart out a better nutrition, exercise and health pattern which ensures a long, happy and fulfilled life.