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High Quality Gourmet Food Home Delivered at at Half the Prices of a Top Restaurant


If you love eating good food and want something unique, special and expertly prepared for yourself each day, you will have to work hard and click a few clicks on the Internet. Ability to reach millions each day, has given an opportunity to many talented individuals to offer their expertise all over and many who appreciate it can reach out for it easily. It is the same with food. Home Bistro has been working for many years now and all they have received for their effort in providing gourmet and healthy food to their customers is appreciation.

Exemplary quality and perfect preparation is what you get to see in pictures, each meal is meticulously prepared. And where required, you will be provided with necessary sauces and stews that match, compliment and enhance the taste and flavor of the main dish. Each meal you choose is freshly prepared and frozen immediately to retain its freshness till the time you cook it. It is shipped to you same day according to the shipping plan of your choice. 

There are many different single serve meals as well as combos which may save you money and give your palate a new gourmet cooked dish to relish. There is also the trial combo which will give you complete idea about the quality of foods. Home Bistro tries to cater to as many varieties of food preferences as possible. There is the vegetarian combo, the health conscious combo, diabetic combo, paleo diet combo which is gluten free. 

Ingredients used in the making of these dishes are unique to the area of the dish. That gives each dish its superior flavor and taste, moreover each ingredient is well cut and fresh. So, the dishes look great even if you are planning a gourmet meal dinner or lunch with select guests, the dishes will look special and taste out of the world. You can always entertain your guests with best food, complimenting wine and desserts like chocolate fountains and ice creams. 

Proper defrosting and slow heating processes will give you better results, like the microwave or the sous vide. You will also have the choice of opening only the food you want to consume. One of the best advantages of ordering from Home Bistro is that you have to put in minimal effort in cleaning, cooking and preparation of food. Also, you save time and effort in collecting necessary ingredients to cook your own meal. If you have not cooked, you have no reason to go in elaborate cleaning of your kitchen. It is ideal for busy couples and individuals who want best food but with least effort.