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Vahdam Plays Spirituality & Natural Beauty of Himalayas in Perfect Harmony In Your Tea Cup

Vahdam TeasAlluring natural abundance of the beautiful and the scenic Himalayas have always been a step up on mankind. These mountain ranges have spiritual and yogic existence. That is why every flora and fauna associated with the beautiful Himalayas is exceptional in its own way. Himalayas may spread in Northern India but the teas produced there are the reason why entire subcontinent wakes up and yearns for that cup which guarantees flavoursome beverage that seems to enlighten senses. Vahdam has ensured it spread the word and the tea product about these amazing variations brewed in every cup.

Vahdam picks the tea directly from the tea gardens after rigorous quality tests packages the different flush and teas with proper care so when you want the Darjeeling first flush tea that is precisely what you get. When you aim to procure mixed teas you will find just the right proportion of spices and combination of teas mixed and packed in a separate sachet to give you the aroma and taste you expect. Vahdam helps you make that special brew tasty and freshest teas by providing you with a proper instruction sheet to help you get the best out of ts tea.

There are detailed segregations about the brews according the freshness and new leaves. The first flush, chai tea, green tea, second flush, mixed leaves and segregation according to the geographical area. Tea from each area has its own anti-oxidants, aroma and taste. That is why the packaging mentions the place of tea farms too.

Vahdam's teas are available on their own website. You will find innumerable happy customers who were elated with the quality and produce of the best teas of the world. For experimental tea lovers and connoisseurs there are the assorted packages which allow you the pleasure of enjoying many teas and order just that one time. Tea lovers across the world can receive the best packages of the teas if you order for them. In short gifting of specially collected, mixed and enthused with herbs, such unique teas can be gifted to corporates or those you appreciate.

Enjoy the sound of harmony, perfection, spirituality and natural beauty of Himalayas in your teacup with Vahdam.