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Clean Protect & Repair Your PC With the Help of IOLO

IOLO System mechanic is a well known Microsoft certified software for anyone who has experienced cyber attacks on its computer. Cyber attacks and self installing malware, spyware, adware and bloatware are a threat to your normal online existence and sometimes a lot of money. These software are designed for various purposes. Malware may contain adware or software that is intended to facilitate entry of other software into your computer. Worse malware could be slowly damaging information or corrupting your PC.

Spyware is more dangerous, apart from recording and saving keystrokes this one can read your private data including passwords, know your browser history, record your activity, some very intrusive and dangerous spyware can access the camera and record you unknowingly. This is especially dangerous and can compromise safety of your home and that of your family. 

Adware and bloatware slow down your computer, these record your browser history and cause many redundant worms to be installed to flash ads that will affect your computer speed and functionality. There are many different versions of this software, the best one is below, know others when you click the link.

If ignored for a long time, computer software tends to get damaged, since these software tend to add more worms into your computer thereby damaging its operating system. Occasional cleaning of your system is a must, moreover, software like the IOLO system mechanic is not time consuming, it does its job efficiently and upto the extent you want. The system mechanic is called so because it goes a step ahead in restoring your PC to maximum functionality. It repairs all the files that are damaged by the virus and malware. System mechanic does not require you to search and delete each file. Instead, you can choose and pick which all you want to delete. At times simply deleting all infected files will cause your computer to malfunction only a repair program will help you.

How many times have you found that the information and data you deleted was actually still around. It was only a matter of some clicks to retrieve that data. How dangerous the situation would be if someone else accessed the data you wanted deleted permanently? It could end up damaging your privacy and security forever. If you are out to delete data you should arm yourself with a proper tool if the data you want gone is of sensitive nature and you want to see it gone forever. 

Drivescrubber is one such tool to delete data permanently. Data deletion is done in many other occasions like when you are selling your old PC or when you have made changes to your personal information and old information need not remain around. Deleting old files that form important documents though not necessary anymore, old photos, other media etc. Drivescrubber deletes the data permanently, to not to recover it again and to ensure it stays gone forever.

You also have a variety of other PC protecting software from this Microsoft certified PC protector. Go ahead and check the Privacy Guardian all the software is military grade and designed to give you the top performance, this efficient software is easy to use and easier to manage. You will also find the password protector and the Malware killer software at the website.