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Virtual Private Network - How Important Is It? Who Provides It? And Its Effects

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Internet is a dangerous place for those who go in unprotected. Not just you but huge organizations ensure that their data is protected and not likely to fall into criminal hands. For this they hire several different agencies of coders and programmers. There are hackers who do sophisticated work and are quite shrewdly talented to work for other wide of the law. But is not not just large organizations, financial institutions and Governments are at risk, you are at risk too. Most people intending to protect themselves try out the anti-virus, real time anti-virus, online protection, etc. However, this is not enough to ensure that whatever you do online is protected. Whatever websites you visit or whatever data you access or information you input can be accessed by websites to track your usage. 

Virtual Private Network is an amazing way to protect your identity almost completely. VPN as it is famously called creates a tunnel like effect between you and the internet. This way no one can spy on your activities and your whereabouts. This virtual private network is generated by the computer system so no one access the details of the system, making it a fool proof way of securing your network. Here are a few pointers to help you understand VPN and how it can help you.

  1. Changing of IP Address: Your IP address can identify you to any bot or a virtual giant who has required machinery installed in place. This unique number can tell anyone where you are and what you did. But VPN networks keep this ID protected and ever changing. Using a fake id helps you in avoiding unnecessary and intrusive tracking and usage of your keywords. 
  2. High level protection: Using a virtual private network, you can access your highly sensitive bank accounts, personal cloud data storage, upload sensitive files, download sensitive data, etc. No one can enter and steal any information or gain the knowhow of where and what files you dealed with.
  3. Country of Origin: Every country has its different norms and rules when it comes to accessing Internet. There are some countries like USA and India which allow access to every website. However, there are some like China and the Middle East which do not allow access to some websites. In this case, logging into the Internet through VPN and changing country can allow you access to those websites, making you feel in power of what you want to do on the net. Also, most websites provide different webpages according to the demographics, using VPN can help you access shows, videos, products and other information.
  4. Automatically Generated Log: The log of your login and logout is auto-generated in systems which are totally operated by machines and humans, where names and identities do not matter. Therefore, most of the VPN providers themselves do not have the information or data about your online behavioral pattern. That makes you extremely safe. 

             Here are some of the VPN Networks that will help you access Internet safely.