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Iphone Ipad Mac IOS Data Recovery Data Erase & Repair Tool Kit Lock Screen Remover

Mac and related OS are quite difficult to find a solution to, since Apple does not provide the users with a ready solution. However, like every other software there is always a working problem that is user created or happens with regular usage. iMYFone brings to you four softwares that can help you with some regular yet daunting problems you may face as user of Mac products or Apple products. Here are the details:

Recover Lost or Deleted Data with D-Back

Important data, images, videos lost because of some reason? You need not fret. In fact, you can recover, lost or deleted data from itunes, iphone and ipad cloud back up without too much hassle. In fact, this software enables you to recover lost data from several different apps like the Whatsapp, Viber, Vchat, etc. You can recover lost messages, images, videos, etc. All you need to do is set the data upto which your data should be retrieved, the software will perform a scan and try to find out data that is deleted but not completely gone. It performs a deep scan to bring out lost files from iCloud, iTunes, etc.

There are four different modes of data recovery, smart recovery which will simply recover data, recover from iTunes, iCloud and Backups that were accidentally deleted. This software takes lesser time for recovery than other software created for this purpose. So data recovery from any of your Apple devices which have undergone some damage, accidental deletion, virus attack or an OS upgrade might need this software for their best chance at data recovery.

There was also a test done for checking up of speed of recovery, iMYPhone D-Back app won the speed test hands down, enabling it to be time conserving with less efforts.

UMate Pro Data Deletion Software

Everyone has some sensitive information or the other stored on their iPhones, this could be files, browsing history, login ids, photos, etc., which would like compromised. These can be misused by data theives to sleal your data and identity. You may delete this information time to time, but it does get stored on different apps and in the hidden drives of your phone. Even after a reset information and data is recoverable by hackers which could put your well being at risk. UMate pro data deletion erases data completely, the data erasion is thorough and no one so far has been able to recover any data with this software. You can select data you want erased or if you are selling or replacing your mobile phone, you can do a single click deletion.

iMyFone Fixppo IOS System Recovery Software

There are many scenarios while using an iPhone or an IPad that you feel your data could get compromised. There are many instances where the phone's normal functioning could be in jeopardy. This could easily result in resetting of phone wherein lies another danger of the data loss. Many a times your phone could be stuck at the logo or display black or white screen, sometimes your phone could freeze or may not restore, or end up losing data during an update failure. In all these scenarios, your phone can be fixed with required tools that help in making your phone functional again. Also if you do not like the current updata and would like to revert back, these tools will help in easy step back. This software has user friendly interface and is absolutely secure.

iMyFoneLockWiper Lock and Apple ID removal

Have your forgotten your locking pattern or you have forgotten the password for your Apple ID? Using your ipad or iphone or ipod could become very difficult in such scenarios. Also at times a damaged or broken screen will not accept the password properly, therefore, the repair and using the decive is virutally impossible. In such a case, you will need the easy way to remove Apple ID or remove the password protect of your Apple device. LockWiper helps you in wiping the old ID and creating a new one and ensuring all the features of the Apple device like the iCloud, iTunes, etc. are accessible to you. Also the device does not leave any traces of old ID making it absolutely possible to connect to all services with the new ID.


These software is acclaimed by many experts and known for its ease of use as well as its performance vis-a-vis the functionality and result of using software is concerned. iPhone, Ipad, Mac and IPod users can now solve their day to day software problems with this software solution.