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Manage and Organize Images Effectively With JALBUM


jAlbum gives you a great solution to safely and effectively manage , organize and upload images to your website or online forum. jAlbum has been create to provide you with a powerful tool that enables you to easily identify, scale and classify images in a proper manner.

jAlbum is a downloadable software, once it installs it will open an easy to use explorer like interface which allows you to check an image, create folders and organize, rename, images in that specific folder. This is a great software for online businesses who need to put image to every product they are selling for better saleability and attractiveness. Explorer like interface allows you easy upload from camera, mobile phones and other sources. You can simply drag and drop images from folders to the gallery. Uploading these images is easy, you can watermark your images and protect it from being plagiarized. You can make images search engine friendly with by adding metadata to every image. There are several uses to many people.

There are many more uses to this software, you can use it for your home purpose and manage images of your loved ones that have got collected through time. Photo upload can be easily renamed, geotagging time, location, date, etc. can be used to create an albim of every event orvacation you took. Use this software to classify every event on a mahor celebration like weddings, birth, graduation, etc., for each of your children or family members, do that in minutes. If you want to share these with rest of your family you can use your own website FTP for upload or if you do not have FTP try out other file transfer services. If you do not have an independant website, jAlbum allows you to put these albums on your own blog which you can manage and customize.

How will your image gallery look beautiful?

jAlbum brings to your some of the most fabulous skins that help you view images in a different way. You will find several varieties, so in which you can also play videos, whereas others have a responsive layout and adjust according to screeen size and can be views across different platforms. Once you download the program you will find all skins appear with easy trial. You can check background colors and layour of your photos according to the theme of the photos. Each theme is created to ensure that your photos look prominent and are truly impressive.

Pricing at Jalbum is pretty easy. If you have your own website you can buy license in standard and pro category. Pro-category allows commercial usage however standard category does not need you to purchase again. Once you purchcase it, it works for a lifetime.

If you do not have a website, you can purchase licence + hosting which the premium account does not allow set up of card or comercial use. Power account provides you with cart and commerical use licence hosting however these charges are renewable each year.

jAlbum count be the answer to manageing huge numbers of images in a jiffy. It does not invoke a huge learning curve, rather there are simple tehcniques for arranging make image management a breeze.