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Protect Your Children From Porn Explicit Profane Predatory Content Online

Do you think protecting your family from the dangers of the Internet is a challenge? Not anymore, in fact for many years this software has protected hoardes of children from anything that they should not have access to. Net Nanny or content watch has come a long way since then. They have noticed that going online today does not mean reaching a computer and logging in with limited bandwidth. The reach of the Internet and the amount of personal data that is fed to the information gateway is enormous and becomes a very challenging thing to tackle if you have no idea how to do it.

Net Nanny has been around for a long time, now also known as Content Watch, you can use this software on multiple devices, surely your child and other impressionable members of the family do own more than one devices. This software simply blocks out the profane and dangerous content from the view. It also filters websites and ensures that there is no nudity or phishing or abusive/profane language that the protected members of the family would be privy to.

You have the option to select a variety of packages, for those trying this software for the first time, should select the most used device and check out whether or not it blocked the content, which this award winning program will definitely do. One of the benefits of installing the Net Nanny software is that you will get all the reports weekly in your email. At the same time, you will end up getting a report if there is anything of urgency or any review that you need to do.

What platforms does this software work on? Almost all of them unless you are using something that is obscure. Install it on Mac, PC, Android devices, IOS, etc. you will find it a versatile software. Also, the software does acute filtering, so where some other software may fail the test, Net Nanny will pass it with flying colors. This software has been featured in many magazines as well as television programs for its effective protection.

Your child while browsing a page will encounter several types of words, names, adjectives, etc. Net Nanny simply blocks these words out, so your child sees only that should be visible and nothing inappropriate. At the same time, you have complete control over the versatile software, you can set the level of filtering that will happen, you can customize almost 18 different categories for monitoring and blocking. You can also set how many hours your child can spent online. Also the hours during which he can be online.

Social media is inescapable, once children start on it, they want to explore everything, that makes them vulnerable for predators, this software will protect and warn them about the predator.

A parent or an adult has the control over the account, therefore, you can be anywhere and change the settings to all the gadgets and computers that your child is using. Thereby keeping you in absolute control of the access to the virtual world. Try out the Content Watch/ Net Nanny software for experience.