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Fringe Does Not Disappoint - This Sci Fi Series Keeps You On the Edge of Your Seat... Intriguing & Interesting

Truthfully speaking, the title and the poster of the series had me wondering whether or not I should start with watching this series. Once I saw it I could not stop. I had just finished an action packed Mentalist, for the lovers of scientific fiction this one does provide some intellectual fodder. The actors are brilliant so is the story line. Craziness of one is often balanced by the others. The unknown becomes a formidable danger to mankind and humanity. This sci-fi series has wonderful effects, best acting performances by John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop and by Joshua Jackson who plays Peter Bishop. Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham is both innocent and a strong woman at the same time. As an FBI agent Anna Torv investigates an air mishap where the skin of all passengers dissolves. This gory incident creates a situation where Olivia Dunham has to seek help of Dr. Walter Bishop who is the only known entity on an event like this. However, he has been confined to a mental assylum and will not be let out unless his responsibility is taken by an immediate relative - his son Peter Bishop.

Peter Bishop is a known conman wanted by the FBI for questioning, however, by taking into account the necessity of these two individuals to solve the question of the air flight disaster. As the story unravels, events of attacks and use of biological warfare which is way ahead of the time on this Universe makes it impossible to hide the fact which Dr. Bishop has known for a long time. That an alternate Universe exists where everything is only slightly different, even people are the same with similar genetic construction. The story takes on a more dangerous route with emergence of shapeshifters who are half human half machines created to take revenge upon this Universe by the other for destroying theirs. It is definitely an intriguing story where Dr. Walter Bishop's son dies and he is yet to find a cure for his son's illness. He has by that time advanced science much and can keep a watch on Dr. Bishop on the other side. Peter there is unwell too. Dr. Bishop crosses over to the other side to bring Peter to this Universe and administer him the medicine which could not save his son but could save this one. However, in doing so he has destroyed the delicate balance of other Universe and there are many areas there where parts of it are lost to black hole. Not just fatherly love but also the fact that crossing over could totally destroy the other Universe makes it impossible for Dr. Bishop to take Peter back. He thereby grows here and Dr. Bishop loves him as his son.

Drama and the amazing chemistry is absolutely stunning. Dr. Walter Bishop on the other side decides to destroy this Universe however, once both Universes come to an agreement that they would bridge the gap and help heal the other, the animosity between both ends and they are on friendly terms. This truce and peace in the Universe continues only so much time to be attacked by aliens who are being called Observes so far. They have been pictured at many important events in history of mankind, but they have never interfered in any bar one time to save Peter Bishop. However, the initial visitors are soon taken over by the actual race who have destroyed their planet and wish to take over our own. They put humans who are weaker to them under their control, their ability to mind read makes it impossible to hide thoughts about them. Many years have passed and Peter and Anna's daughter has grown up to be an FBI agent.

This delightful series can hardly be put into words, to see how, what and why things happen on Fringe, you have to watch it and enjoy some of the most attractive actors and a beautifully woven, intriguing storyline as Fringe the TV series.