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Mentalist is a Shrewd Tale of A Man's Fight Against Serial Killer Red John

Everything about the Mentalist series is both classy and yet raw. Both main protagonists of the movie namely Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon are interesting to watch together, both are seemingly on a platonic relationship with each other yet have some kind of attachment to each other. Patrick Jane has a sketchy past of conmanship while growing up in the carnival and gaining uncanny skills like doing magic and reading people or their expressions. Both these have earned him a lot of money whilst he goes around playing psychic.

Patrick Jane with all the success he garners does end up becoming callous and arrogant and makes a false prediction about a case he does not know, a known serial killer named 'Red John'. This killer is hiding in plain sight, however, no one has been able to pick him. The killer does not like being discussed publicly and as a punishment for Patrick Jane he ends up killing his wife and daughter. This causes Patrick to suffer mental problem and ends up in mental asylum for 5 years. However, once his sanity is restored he vows to kill Red John.

He comes to know that the case is being handled by the team at CBI the California Bureau of Investigation and Agent Teresa Lisbon happens to be the boss. He does use some of his conmanship to gain a place in her team. Jane uses his uncanny powers of observation to help solve many cases thereby gaining himself a permanent position at CBI. He however, does request Lisbon for Red John files for studying. However, as time passes they are unable to find any suspect. However, this investigation moves on to find that someone very powerful is Red John.

Patrick Jane is teased and encouraged very cunningly by Red John to find him, however, he does not fall for this and ensures that he keeps on searching for this killer. Lisbon too ensures that the investigation is continued without a hitch. Seeing Jane's personal interest in the case, it is taken away from the Lisbon team and given it to another agent. The other agent and his team are killed by Red John so that the case ends up with Lisbon again.

With very cunning twists and turns Mentalist does not become boring, however, Patrick Jane's antics do become irritating. Also, the platonic relationship between the two becomes quite involves into a small romance. After killing Red John Patrick Jane becomes a fugitive and runs away to an island nation. He returns back on FBI's behest, he uses his skills to find and solve crimes that are of bigger nature. Towards the end of the series both Patrick and Teresa end up getting married. Overall, the series is interesting, towards the end it does become repititive and law breaking is appalling. But story is ideal for entertainment.